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Bavarese Vegan

Savoury Bavarian Cream with celery on a potato and carrot puree, crunchy tempeh ‘bacon’ and crystal celery leaves (vegan and gluten-free)

Giorgio Trichilo

Dining is Italy is brimming with traditions. A rich heritage of flavours and knowledge that during the holidays can be found in all their ample varieties.


Biodiversity is one of the terms of an Expo that took as its central theme sustainability, environmental, social and economic. Applied to cereals, according to human food, the word biodiversity is of particular significance.

Sale Rosa Himalaya

Let us more detail some types of salt that most impressed me and that I also use.


In professional and home kitchens, bar, catering, cafeterias... the salt we use it every day but we are sure to know him?


In the kitchen the choice of spices is a sign of creativity, though some are content with salt, pepper and little else, other satisfaction...


Have you ever heard the grandmother's broom made of sorghum? Well, the sorghum is a grass forgotten (in the kitchens of industrialized countries), it is...


Some years ago, when I became definitely vegetarian, I began to get interested in the Ayurvedic cooking and I realized that it offered a...

Olio semi Canapa

Recently, the talk is of Cannabis sativa as a food healthy and strong alternative for both domestic and professional cooking. Native to Asia is still...

Piramide alimentare ambientale

The food pyramid is a graph of a simple reading which illustrates the frequency with which different foods should be consumed. The first, designed...


Ilaria Guidantoni

The Mediterranean, for its characteristic of being a closed sea, feeds off the lands it touches upon in an intensely intimate relationship, fuelling a correspondence among them as well.