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It is possible to trace the confines of the Mediterranean through the cultivation and diffusion of oil, the growing of grapevines, and the use of cous-cous.


The World Tomato Week closed at the Conference Centre of EXPO MILANO2015. The programme included a series of conferences, shows, events, and workshops dedicated...

Pomodoro Pachino Mare

Close your eyes and think about the sun. Let yourself feel its rays of warm and brilliant light pass right through you. Feel its...


It is the queen of the Mediterranean diet. No wonder: it's good tasting and good for us. Provided that it is eaten while respecting...

Pasquale Lembo

From Puglia with a degree in engineering. During the 1990s, he fell in love: with cooking… and for a Greek girl. Now he manages...

Italia bella e buonavideo

Video courtesy of Consorzio Pomodoro di Pachino IGP © Consorzio Tutela Pomodoro di Pachino IGP


Ilaria Guidantoni

The Mediterranean, for its characteristic of being a closed sea, feeds off the lands it touches upon in an intensely intimate relationship, fuelling a correspondence among them as well.