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One million visitors served, for a total of 1,280,000 cups tasted and almost 10 tons of coffee transformed into tiny sensorial masterpieces: these are the ‘ground’ numbers for Wega machines at the Milan Expo.


Padua, Caffè Pedrocchi - 6 November: a day to fight the battle against wasting food. See the photo gallery on Nutrito Magazine

Nutrito Magazine is among the stars of the award day for ‘Vivere a spreco zero’ – or “Zero-Waste Living” - the initiative organised by Last Minute Market in collaboration with Engie and Whirlpool, and supported by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and Sea.

Alessandro Giagnetich

Just over thirty years old, Piedmontese of Istrian origins, Alessandro Giagnetich is a chef, ICIF teacher, but prefers to think of himself as someone who passes down recipes, flavours, and culture from generation to generation.

Enrico Famà

It's easy enough to say "pizza". We are not speaking only about food, but about art, culture, and tradition. An like the Accademia della Crusca...


Majadera with leek fritters and yogurt sauce For about 2/litres of Majadera brown lentils (previously soaked) 110 g cooked wheat 140 g salt, divided 2 teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil about 1- ½...


22 hotels, 7 tourist resorts, 10 campgrounds, 47,000 accommodations and millions of visitors annual with a significant amount present in two main tourist regions...


Ingredients Whole chicken 1 kg Basmati rice soaked in cold water for one hour 500 g Large tomatoes, finely chopped 4 Large yellow onions, finely chopped 2 Fresh coriander, chopped 120 g Green sweet pepper 1 Stalk...


Two excellences of Made in Italy come together to promote the king of dining tables worldwide: pizza. The ICIF (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners) and...


Angolan Muamba chicken stewed with Funje (Angolan ‘polenta’ with manioc flour). Typical Angolan cuisine, a speciality that conquered the Portuguese colonizers. Ingredients Chicken 1 Carge onion 1 Ripe tomatoes 3 Garlic 3 cloves Bay 1...


Ilaria Guidantoni

The Mediterranean, for its characteristic of being a closed sea, feeds off the lands it touches upon in an intensely intimate relationship, fuelling a correspondence among them as well.