A tale that mixes memories, nostalgia, and a wish. All seasoned by the flavour of good Italian cooking: capable of stirring intense emotions like a beautiful love story.


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(Italiano) Un libro di ricette, di racconti e di mondi all'apparenza distanti dal nostro.


50% of the populations of the seas is at a maximum level of capture. Beyond this rate they head toward extinction. One books speaks about this, author is the marine biologist Silvio Greco.


The book entitled ‘Storia del peperoncino’ – or ‘History of the Hot Pepper’ - (Donzelli, 2015) by the Calabrian writer and anthropologist Vito Teti, traces the evolution of this irreplaceable ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine.

Pietro Rongoni

Winning the Best Italian Cuisine Book in Russia and then The World Awards Book of Italian Cuisine 2013 with a cookbook of Italian recipes...


Ilaria Guidantoni

The Mediterranean, for its characteristic of being a closed sea, feeds off the lands it touches upon in an intensely intimate relationship, fuelling a correspondence among them as well.