Wine & Grapevine

Wine & Grapevine

Tracce di vino rosso

Continuing along the Wine Routes. Nutrito Magazine takes you to discover the Ghemme DOCG, in Piemonte.

Balsamica L'Acetaia di Elisa e Andrea

A stories takes place in Toano, in the zone of Reggio Emilia: the setting is a ‘small, family-run business’, our protagonist is Andrea Banchio

Podere Concòri

Garfagnana, amidst the Apennines of Tuscay and Emilia. Here they tell the story of challenges and a passion for vineyards and wine. The protagonist is Gabriele Da Prato, owner of Podere Concòri.

Tracce di Vino Bianco

Ansonica is the quintessential Mediterranean grape, most likely having arrived in Sicily from ancient Greece.

Antonella Manuli

Maremma, Tuscany. The history of this farm begins in Milan, passes through Switzerland and California, and revolves around one protagonist: Antonella Manuli.

Tracce di vino rosso

To be born in beautiful surroundings is always fortunate. Orcia DOC has that good luck. It comes from province of Siena, landscape heritage of UNESCO.

Marco Serra

We are in the territory of the town of Aquara (Salerno), amidst centuries-old olive groves, Mediterranean Mediterranean vegetation, and grapevines: a part of this history belongs to the Tenuta Mainardi

Tracce di vino rosso

The “bloom” on the grape, the distinctive color - between smoky grey and opaque blue - the note of “fumè” in the wine are the characteristics that together identify the grape Fumin.

Gianluca Morino

Great-grandmother Margherita left her mark. Little Gianluca Morino grew up with her, inheriting her love for vineyards, for hard work that knows no holidays and never ends, season after season.

Tracce di Vino Bianco

Locorotondo wines are born between the trullis and masserias of the Valley of Itria. The Locorotondo wine is greenish to pale straw in color. Its perfume; fine, fruity and delicate.


Ilaria Guidantoni

The Mediterranean, for its characteristic of being a closed sea, feeds off the lands it touches upon in an intensely intimate relationship, fuelling a correspondence among them as well.