agnello alla greca

In Italy, beginning at midnight of 31st of December, people eat lentils, as an augury of money, cotechino or zampone (cooked spicey sausage) for abundance, and fruit, especially grapes, as a symbol of life.

Fratelli Cicciò

We want to talk about Christmas in one of the best pastry shops in southern Italy, the Pasticceria Cicciò in Vibo Valentia.

Balsamica L'Acetaia di Elisa e Andrea

A stories takes place in Toano, in the zone of Reggio Emilia: the setting is a ‘small, family-run business’, our protagonist is Andrea Banchio


Italy alone celebrates between 34 and 35 thousand local festivals. Those involved number between two and three million. The man speaking is Adriano Facchini, agronomist, agricultural produce marketing expert


Christmas in the Mediterranean it represents the beginning of festivities for the end of the year, and it is above all in sweetness that this holiday is enjoyed

How can Christmas be merry at that table if you suffer from celiachia (coeliac disease)? «No problem» answers unhesitatingly Nicola Territo, the young chef of Trana (in Turin).

Podere Concòri

Garfagnana, amidst the Apennines of Tuscay and Emilia. Here they tell the story of challenges and a passion for vineyards and wine. The protagonist is Gabriele Da Prato, owner of Podere Concòri.


The anthropologist Marc Augé speaks clearly: together with the Eiffel Tower or the Can Can, the bistro represents the quintessence of the art of the French bon vivant.


A ‘liquid’ journey around the Mediterranean smells above all like tea, coffee and citrus fruits are consumed on their or, at most, at the end of a meal.

(Italiano) Un libro di ricette, di racconti e di mondi all'apparenza distanti dal nostro.


Ilaria Guidantoni

The Mediterranean, for its characteristic of being a closed sea, feeds off the lands it touches upon in an intensely intimate relationship, fuelling a correspondence among them as well.