‘Cosa ti porto?’ Intelligent deliveries that restaurants like

‘Cosa ti porto?’ Intelligent deliveries that restaurants like

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Cosa ti Porto

A business model, one of a kind in Europe, arrives in Vicenza. Technology and logistics at the service of establishments seeking deliveries in outsourcing.

Home food deliveries are even more cutting edge with ‘Cosa ti porto?’.

This start-up of young entrepreneurs Edoardo Monte and Andrea Galla in Vicenza not only makes it possible to order and receive one’s lunch or dinner at home or in the office, but also defines itself as a new business model for restaurants, pizza parlours, ethnic and traditional restaurants, fast food, and ice cream parlours.

Cosa ti porto? offers technology and logistics to business seeking an outsourced service to lower the costs of personnel and transportation. At the same time, it makes it possible to fulfil orders no matter where they come from (portals, apps, restaurants, or other ordering services), thereby succeeding in reaching the entire market and not only those registered on the website. Founded in February this year, and already with more than four-thousand deliveries Cosa ti porto?  is the first European company to propose this type of service.

«What we are doing – explains Edoardo Monte – revolutionizes the concept of home delivery in a  context where the market of operators dealing in food ordering continues to grow. Compared to other operators, we offer delivery no matter where the order comes from. Whether is comes from someone registered on our portal, directly from the restaurant that receives the order by phone, or from another operator. With this system we can reach all consumers and not only those using on-line platforms to create their orders.»

Cosa ti porto?’ makes available to the network of restaurants all the tools needed to manage orders, so the restaurant owner only needs to think about preparing the dishes. The software then analyses all the data exchanged between the subjects involved in real time – client, restaurant, carrier, and control centre – optimising the logistic efficiency.

The service is currently active with 26 restaurants in the city of Vicenza, but the objective is to replicate the system throughout Italy. ‘Cosa ti porto?’ also offers an App available for Android and soon to be ready for iOS.

Cosa ti porto?

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