Cotechino and Zampone of Modena PGI (Pig’s Trotter) The most sold for...

Cotechino and Zampone of Modena PGI (Pig’s Trotter) The most sold for Christmas

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The Modena classic Zampone

This year promises to be another profitable one for cotechino and zampone, the large boiled pork sausages from Modena bearing the PGI seal.

Last year, 6 million pieces of zamponi and cotechini reached the tables of Italians, 1.5 million zamponi Modena PGI and 4.5 million cotechini Modena PGI, for a total of about 3,600,000 kilos for a consumer value of about 32 million euro.

«For 2015 we have a positive outlook, in spite of the ongoing period of consumer crisis and above all in consideration of the serious drop in give-giving in Italy, 30-40% less over the past two years,” confirmed Paolo Ferrari, President of the Consorzio Zampone Modena Cotechino Modena.

Cotechino Modena and zampone Modena are still at the top of the list of Christmas gifts, as they are always featured in give baskets because they are a traditional symbol of prosperity and wealth, so therefore the best ways of expressing the season’s greetings.

We are seeing a return to homemade celebrations, in the family and with friends. This phenomenon is related to the rediscovery of a traditional gift like zampone and cotechino.

This is also a product that is perfectly in keep in with the no-waste cookery Because nothing of the cotechino and zampone go to waste: they are ready to enjoy as they are, in their full rotundity, without having to resort to complex cutlery or special carving techniques.

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